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And don’t expect anything fancy”), decide on the venue and even buy you your first beer. Once I see someone I like, my flirting tactics include awkward staring into the distance, constantly talking, ‘creepy smile’ or substantial neglect. Here are a few thing you should know about dating in Cape Town It’s very easy when you come into a coffee shop. As the city is still ‘young’ when it comes to multicultural integration, Capetonians prefer to stick to who they know.All those years of splitting the bill have finally paid off, we must have thought. In order to succeed here in Cape Town, you need to bring a bit more than your A-game. My pick-up lines range from odd questions like “do you like ham? You are either going to order latte, cappuccino or black. Better said, Capetonians will form social cliques based on who they were born next to. Prepare to bulk up in the gym, nay, live there, and say things like ‘ya hey’, ‘okes’ and ‘awe bru’.Get creative with what you pack, remember the wet wipes to clean your hands and stock up on the bubbly.If you’re not brave enough to put together your own picnic bits for a first date, most supermarkets stock picnic-friendly bits and bobs, just remove them from the packaging before going out.

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There’s no need to book and you don’t even need your own skates.

Otherwise, contact the Picnic Company, who offer great picnic baskets specifically designed for two.

One tip, though: check the wind forecast before you plan a picnic outdoors. Hopefully, not literally when you opt for an ice skating session at the Grand West Casino.

Fine, they are no Angela Merkels yet, but they are outspoken enough to get any job done, and in no sense seem to need men in their life.

Supported by their firm ankles, and some unfortunately wearing white leggings (please stop), Dutch women will hit on the men, tell them what they want (“bring a friend, cut your hair, wear that red jersey. So far, the success rate has not been too significant.