Are matthew fox and evangeline lilly dating

Full Story If that name is making you scratch your head, he was a hobbit in Lord of the Rings and was Charlie on Lost. Full Story Shia La Beouf attended a party the other night in Hollywood with his girlfriend. Life & Style says he got drunk and started spraying people with water from his mouth. Then he stalked off in a rage, followed by his whimpering date. And they keep promising that in the first episode there will be a major reveal. And I keep reading Doc Jensen but that only helps a little. It wasn't until the season 2 finale - "Live Together, Die Alone" - that viewers discovered what caused the crash: for the uninitiated, let's just say it was, in part, down to Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick)who lived in a hatch the survivors found in season 1.

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The house, which Lilly shares with two female crewmembers, was empty at the time of the blaze.

She had her first child, a boy, with boyfriend Norman Kali in May 2011.

Lost star Evangeline Lilly and boyfriend Dominic Monaghan returned to her rented home last night to sift through the remains of her home which burned to the ground.

However, her first big break did not come until Lilly was "discovered" by Lost producers for the role of Kate.

Evangeline was almost not able to work with the cast because she had problems obtaining a work visa, and got the visa after filming for the "" had already begun.

Are matthew fox and evangeline lilly dating