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Just look at the Koch brothers, very few people know about them but they are two of the richest people in the world. Just Google terms related to the industry you are interested in entering.Ugly businesses that produce products and services that people need every day make millions. Look for how many people you would be competing with.There is a guy named Mike Rigby, who sells tumbleweeds. He takes these tumbleweeds that he picks up for free and sells them to movie companies for thousands of dollars.Now Mike isn’t the richest man in the world, but he has created a nice business selling something that is “ugly”.

“We were certain that they were taking us to our deaths,” recalled Fisehaye, a Christian who wears a black-thread necklace to symbolize her Orthodox faith.We are working with local partners to support the development of a National Innovation Centre.The goal of the centre is to harness the creativity and innovation of Eritrean youth to addressing urgent social challenges in the country, and urge the youth to generate novel local solutions. The interactive list below offers a detailed description about each of the projects running during the project implementation period 2015–2017.“We cried in despair.” Her captors had another end in mind.As Islamic State battles to expand in Libya, it is rewarding its warriors by exploiting the great exodus of African migrants bound for Europe.