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His schedule is also tied up to a new CBS series called "By the Book," where Galecki is executive producer.

How will the actor have time to accommodate "Roseanne"?

However, instead of proceeding with the twist that unfolded in what was the show's last ever episode, producers have decided to tear up that particular page and start a brand new chapter as if it was never written in the first place – allowing John Goodman to return to the fold unscathed.

Roseanne will show an eight-episode season, which will air in 2018, with ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey believing the characters to still be the perfect figures to make jokes about today's society.

It was a highly rated comedy treasured by a group of loyal fans, who were delighted upon hearing the news that it was set for a revival.

Now in a Dallas-like reversal, it appears that everything which occurred after that moment had in fact not happened."Dan is very much alive," a source close to the production told TVLine.

"They're going to pretend like it never even happened." Famously, the 1980s sitcom Dallas brought Bobby Ewing (played by Patrick Duffy) back to life in a shower scene – and earned huge ridicule as result.

ABC announced the straight-to-series revival of the hit comedy, headlined by comedian Roseanne Bar, during a Upfronts media session.

The series, which has yet to get an official midseason date, will feature original cast members Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene, Laurie Metcalf, who played Roseanne's sister Jackie, Michael Fishman (D.