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The Great Sphinx of Giza is a giant 20 meters (66 ft) high and 73 meters (240 ft) long statue near the Giza pyramids in Egypt.

If you ask most Egyptologists, the Sphinx was probably carved around 2500 BCE by the ancient Egyptians.

His books have been translated into a total of 44 foreign languages.

He has produced, written and presented a documentary for Channel Four and National Geographic Channels on his archaeological discoveries in Greece and Italy, and he was at one time an arts reviewer on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Kaleidoscope’.

It is undeniable that “academic” Egyptology has greatly contributed to our knowledge of a unique and incomparable civilization, incredibly developed socially, artistically and scientifically.

Unfortunately, academic Egyptologists have also persisted in misattributing some archaeological finds to Dynastic Egyptians, which I believe have little to do with that civilization.

This has created confusion among researchers and has affected our comprehension of the prehistory of Egypt.

In the last 20 years, one of the most outstanding theories, in scientific terms, is that proposed by Robert Bauval, known as The Orion Correlation Theory.