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I was getting into trouble for spoilers years after the last series finished. I was nervous at first because when the Brits were on stage, things that were getting laughs went right over my head.I mean, it’s been on DVD for two years, I think I can talk about it. I thought: ‘No one will understand what I’m talking about.’ But it’s gone well. I did performances and people would laugh – but it wasn’t supposed to be funny, so I decided to go for the laugh intentionally. I built a podium out of cardboard and it had scraps of paper from books and magazines taped on it.Graham, on the other hand, might just be the person who undoes the progress that Hank and Karen make between seasons six and seven.In the most recent season finale, Hank forgoes a not-quite-a-relationship relationship with beautiful muse Faith, someone who gets him and what he wants, for one final chance at happiness with his former love.

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I think I was always a little bit intimidated by him.In the strongest anecdote our hero recalls attending the Golden Globes where she chatted intimately to Sheryl Crow before belatedly realising that she only knew Crow from her videos.Rajskub is a charming, unfussy performer with a healthy lack of diva vanity, happy to squat on the floor or recreate yoga positions. For a show from a comedian-turned-actor this feels oddly like an actor playing a comedian.I throw in stuff like: ‘Hey, I just topped up my Oyster card’ and people seem to think that’s cool. I’d start talking but each time I got off the podium, the papers fell off and the podium collapsed. It is a winning gag in a set that is good without ever quite being great.