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But regardless of the final prize, this game is FULL of fun, flirting and… Millennials are 48 percent more likely than others to slip between the sheets before a first date to see if there is a spark — and nearly 30 percent use sex as a litmus test for love, a new study shows.Another 26 percent think not having a social-media footprint is a turn-on.And 75 percent of all singles said answering your phone on a first date was a buzzkill. “Just walk in, pull out your cellphone, turn it off in front of her face and put it in your pocket!” When it comes to dates, the survey found that overall, 71 percent of single men find it “intriguing” when a woman offers to split the bill.Dating apps for gay men don’t have the greatest reputation.And if you’re sleeping in the same bed of a member of the opposite sex and you’re NOT experiencing sexual temptation, then we’ve got a different issue for another blog… And it was never fun to wake myself up, get it together, and drive home in the wee hours of the morning – or shake him awake and kick him out.Look, whether you’re in a committed relationship, or just crushing on someone, or whether you were up late watching a movie and it just got so late and you accidentally fell asleep… It would have been much easier, and way more comfortable, to just stay.

The survey also found that 29 percent of singles find actual phone calls hot.Q: In recent conversations with both my guy and girl friends, there has been some debate about this question: is it right to spend the night in the same bed with a member of the opposite sex?This would mean only sleeping, not engaging in sex.In addition, there was debate about whether or not cuddling or taking a nap with a member of the opposite sex has the same effect as spending an entire night with someone – is there a difference?A: So there’s this prayer, and we pray it all the time.