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fd Tsonga had just answered a question about why the men's game seems to always have the top-four seeds in major semifinals. Do you have any sense of why it's not [the same way] on the women's side? Or was he serious and assumed it's okay because he's French and Frenchman can get away with saying stuff like this? And which reporter dropped the ball and failed to ask a follow-up on Tsonga's views of women's suffrage?

JOWomen's hormones lead to mental instability in tennis, says noted behaviorist and top-ten tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. But look, while I'm amused -- so amused that I'm writing this through fits of laughter, imagining the reaction I'd get if I quoted Tsonga while at the dinner table with my wife, sister and mother -- I'm not here to criticize Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Carol Thatcher has brought ‘shame on Britain’ by describing a French tennis star as a golliwog, the player’s mother said last night.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s mother accused Baroness Thatcher’s daughter of displaying ‘a racist, colonial attitude’.

Asked in a recent interview if he had ever experienced racism in the tennis world, he replied: "I cannot say I have.

He was marked out as a promising talent when he won the US Open junior title in 2003, only for injury to put him out of the game for the next two years.He is mixed race, born in Le Mans to a white French mother, Evelyne, and a black Congolese father, Didier.Sporting talent runs in the family - his father, who moved to France in the 1970s to study for a chemistry degree, was a handball international and his yougner brother, Enzo, is a basketball player.But after a second set blip, he's found his range and closes it out with an easy forehand winner.He's ecstatic, beating Tsonga for the fourth time in five meetings.