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Earning: Samer, 11, and his brother Mohamad, 10, should be in primary school, but instead are working 12-hour shifts as mechanics in Beirut to support their family, who are living on the poverty line after fleeing Raqqa for neighbouring Lebanon.

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"Some people don't know they are infected," said Lara Dabaghi, UNAIDS Project Coordinator - ASAP (Aids Strategy and Action Plan), National AIDS Control Programme.

She attends school but her father is worried because she has become the subject of gossip after a 17-year-old boy began following and harassing her.

Hurriyah’s father is now saying he will marry her to the boy imminently as there is no other way to protect her – Lebanese police are unable to help as they have no power over Syrian refugees.

"We tell the teachers that the children will find out about these things in other ways - such as on the internet.""At one school there was once a complaint from a parent who said that the picture of the female anatomy that we used was 'not appropriate'," says Elissa, at an international medical students' conference in Beirut.

The pair manage the peer educator programme within the Standing Committee On Sexual and Reproductive Health, including HIV/Aids (SCORA) at the Lebanese Medical Students' International Committee.