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In fact, there really aren’t any areas that I can think of where Asterisk isn’t now entrenched as the default choice when there is a need for a generalized voice tool to do “stuff.”Asterisk has been emblematic of the way that open source software has changed business—and changed the world. Emailing recorded conference calls to the participants? Integration of voice services into existing Java apps? The creation and growth of were the inescapable results of the convergence of the four horsemen of the proprietary hardware apocalypse: open source development ideas, the Internet, Moore’s Law, and the plummeting costs of telecommunications.

My favorite part of any Asterisk project overview or conference talk is answering questions from someone new to Asterisk. Even hardware vendors who may be frightened of Asterisk from a competitive standpoint are using it in their labs and core networks: almost all devices in the Voice-over-IP world are tested with , making it the most compatible system across vendors. Asterisk is a mature, robust software platform that permeates nearly every area of the telecommunications industry and has firmly cemented itself as one of the basic elements in any open source service delivery system.

This chapter provides an overview of the new features available in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.

It covers new features in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control releases,,,, and

This document contains the following section: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control now provides you with a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing both your on-premise and Oracle Cloud deployments, all from the same management console.

By deploying Management Agents onto the Oracle Cloud virtual hosts serving your Oracle Cloud services, you are able to manage Oracle Cloud targets just as you would any other targets.

The communication between Management Agents and your on-premise Oracle management service instances is secure from external interference.

Support is provided for managing Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware Paa S targets, as well as JVMD support for monitoring JVMs on your Oracle Cloud virtual hosts.

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You can customize password strength validation rules for the change password screen by overriding the Installation Exit associated with password validation.

Validation will occur at the point that the user attempts to set the password.

Validation does not apply when an admin user updates the password in the user record directly (the admin can put anything in the password field).

/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; #by fokat of perlmonks my $string = 'justanotherperlhacker'; print "$string\n"; my $obscure = pack("u",$string); print "$obscure\n"; my $unobscure = unpack(chr(ord("a") 19 print ""),$obscure); print "$unobscure\n"; Thanks Zentara. Instead, all you need to do is store a cryptographic hash (also known as a "message digest") of the password.

I did come across the Crypt CBC and MIMEBase64 Modules and knew that this would somehow work, but I could not get what i wanted. A hash cannot be 'decrypted' back to the original plain text but when you want to validate a login attempt, you just hash the supplied password and compare the result to the hash you have stored.