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He will demonstrate his intricate work of transferring ink onto beeswax, which is combined in a mosaic-like effect to create a larger picture.

Larry and Tracey Rogers create unique pottery with various firing techniques.

Leadership Donelson-Hermitage hosts the sixth annual ARTable at The Clay Lady’s Campus.

I recently read one 55-year-old man’s profile from a website that covers Jewish singles.

Every day I receive several emails, “winks,” “yeses” and “likes” from men as close as my new hometown in Florida and as far away as the Czecho Republic and Greenland.

I’ve gone on too many dates to keep track and enjoyed them all, though I haven’t found that special someone.

He stated that he didn’t want any meshugeners (muh-SHOOG-in-ers), which in Yiddish means crazies.

Feeling rebellious, I wrote him, “How do you define meshugener ?