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First, there was shock -- the horrifying realization that we may never meet.It seemed as though every woman I met had a giant neon NOT YOUR SOUL MATE sign atop her head.Oh, sure, some of them were attracted to me and it wouldn't have been difficult to have comforted myself with a series of meaningless, superficial sexual encounters.But that's not what I wanted; that's not me, ultimately that's not even satisfying, in case my mother is reading this. All evidence to the contrary, Julie, I informed anyone who asked about it, that it was simply a question of time and luck before I'd meet my soul mate.It weighed one ton and hung down two entire flights of stairs.

It was also a time when my family was going through a very difficult period.

This way, when we finally do meet, we'll be that much farther along in the relationship. It seemed like I was right on track for turning into the male equivalent of the old spinster with seven cats and a passion only for crocheting sweaters for friends and relatives, and their pets, lucky enough to have found relationships.

I felt myself beginning to experience the Seven Stages of No Soul Mate Grief.

coli outbreak dealt the restaurant a massive credibility blow in 2015.

Their menu blends 1990s-era Asian fusion — think fried chicken with sesame noodles and chile vinaigrette — with bro snacks such as cheese fries doused with housemade jalapeño cheese sauce.