Se7en dating rumors

They enjoy dates in places such as Thailand and Hong Kong.

They are a beautiful couple to watch.”They unveiled a photo of the two stars on a date, the photos were reportedly taken around mid-August at a hotel lounge in Thailand in which they spent about a week (So all people now knows where Da-hae went in her vacation 😀 ) They also mentioned that this trip was at the same time period that Se7en posted a photo of a cocktail from the hotel’s lounge on his Instagram.

Fans started digging into the stars’ SNS channels to find any evidence that the rumors were true. SE7EN and Lee Da Hae uploaded similar photos and were caught at the airport on the same day.This close friendship soon blossomed into romance which was only known by a few of their peers at the time.Another report by Dispatch followed which featured photographic evidences of the two celebrities together in Thailand.Before any confirmation, sources sited that they say the two became close after being each others’ support during difficult times.As friends of the same age, the two had apparently grown close to each other – eventually turning their friendship into a romantic one.