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Isolation, hallucination, dangerous accidents, and hordes of snakes complicate the mission. Mark Meekan to travel to the sharkiest places in the world, Cobourg Penninsula in Northern Australia.

They want to know what happens when 14-foot crocodiles moves into shark infested waters?

The network was founded as the CBN Satellite Service, an extension of televangelist Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network; it evolved into a family-focused entertainment network in 1981, eventually becoming known as The Family Channel by 1990—after the network was spun out of CBN into the for-profit International Family Entertainment.

As a condition of this spin-off, the network has historically and contractually been required to broadcast certain religious programs produced by CBN, including The 700 Club and an annual telethon.

The new owners sought to re-position the network towards younger viewers as a companion for their popular Fox Kids programming block.During its development, the channel was originally named the Home, Lawn, and Garden Channel.The name was later shortened and a logo was developed.The logo was amended in 2010, with this version debuting on March 1 of that year.The square with the "G" in it was removed, the roof was increased in size and the "HGTV" letters are now set in Gotham Black (from the original mixture of Futura and Times New Roman), with the other Gotham fonts being used around the network.